International business matching service


What Hahn + Bernd Behrens network do for you
We search for new opportunities
We discover the right partners
Determine partner compatibility
Create new partnerships to grow
Why working together?
Deep automotive market insights and experience
Knowledge of relevant automotive manufactures, dealer groups, garages, service providers
How we work:
We identify suitable partner

Decide which partners are best for you, and initiate a discussion,

            Determine partner compatibility

            Create new partnerships to grow


Hahn + Bernd Behrens Network Tailor-made automotive business matchmaking process
Our business matchmaking process has been developed in cooperation with start-ups and entrepreneurs interested in expanding their innovative technologies and services into foreign markets.
Within this framework we promote new partnerships on a global scale.
Our services are characterized by a clear concept - precisely tailored to the specific challenges. Local partners are the key to entering new markets and building a strong presence outside the home market:

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