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With my experience as entrepreneurial manager of car dealership and rent a car  and strategic consultant I help you to make  your way into the future save and successful.


My mission: 

I help my clients to do better business.

Bernd Behrens is an Automotive Consultant.

With my experience as an independent car dealership and Rent a Car entrepreneur in the  background, I have been a strategy and business adviser for more than 10 years for automotive entrepreneurs who want to enhance digitalisation in their dealerships. My main areas of consulting are:

- Developer and driver of innovative and  new digital solutions

- automotive clienting as a basis for the digital customer centered strategy

- New used car management and business with multi-channel remarketing

- Future/positioning management

- Organization 4.0

- Market insights  European countries.





New competitive opportunities and more customer success with the digital customer strategy "automotive clienting". Edgar K. Geffroy and Bernd Behrens have developed this new and holistic customer orientation for companies in the automotive industry who want to remain on a future-proof course even in times of great challenges from new aggressive competitors and changed customer behavior.




  • Is your company the no. 1 in its market segment?
  • Do you work with clearly defined corporate goals?
  • Do your products and services correspond exactly to the strengths of your company?
  • Is your company focused and specialized on the most promising target group?
  • Do your employees know the competitive advantages compared to the competition?
  • Do your customers know your services and reward them accordingly?
  • Do you have a plan for the future development of your company?
  • Are you and your company prepared for the digital changes?
  • Do you systematically deal with the question: With which customers, with which services do we want to exist in the market in 5 years?
  • If you answer more than 3 of these questions with no, it is worth a conversation.


New smart dealership


Currently the automotive market is mature and saturated. That's right! But it is precisely in such markets that new market suppliers with new concepts are winning away new customers from established companies and are gaining profits. Be the first in your customers' minds!

Bernd Behrens as innovation driver:
Opening new perspectives, taking a fresh look at customers and developing innovative solutions for new problems.

Bernd Behrens is member of:



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