systematic future safeguarding

  • Innovative digital solutions for sales and after sales
  • Developing and implementing future spaces
  • Customer vitalization and loyalty 
  • Used Car Market Europe
  • It is often underestimated what can happen in the next 10 years!

As a digital innovation expert and future-manager, I advise you and your entrepreneurial activities to make your business future-proof. In doing so, I use my unique network of selected specialists and combine them with my personal passion for the future strengthening of car dealerships, car dealership groups and independent garages.

My advice is yield, growth and risk avoidance oriented.

Heads up! Only likeable companies can win new customers online.

Only enthusiastic customers create trust and are therefore the basis for a long-term relationship, which is particularly important in automotive markets. Together with selected experts I will lead your company to strategic brand management. Properly positioned and profiled in the regional markets. Together with you and your team, we will develop a brand mission statement that will be the starting point and basis for all activities and measures, also in the marketing mix. We involve your employees in this process, they recognize the central elements of their specific competence and can communicate them to the outside world in a comprehensible way as proud brand ambassadors. A brand is always a condensed performance promise.

The "right" strategy is what counts!

The right strategy is at the heart of your company's success. The clearer the goal, the clearer the success. Success inevitably comes when your company solves central problems of its customers visibly better than others. I advise on the basis of the EKS teachings and support my clients in developing a powerful corporate vision and mission statement. Based on this, the strategy has the task of building a unique position through clear differentiation and unambiguous positioning, thus increasing the company value in the long term. In the predatory market of the automotive industry, a carefully developed strategy is indispensable.

Secure corporate development

Often entrepreneurs underestimate what can happen in the next 10 years. The automotive industry is in a state of great upheaval.

Car dealership entrepreneurs should position themselves in a powerful position in good time. Cooperations and mergers must be on the agenda.

Dispersal, innovation backlog, loss of customers, loss of image and brand confusion are major but avoidable dangers. Together with my team of experts and your employees, we make these dangers transparent and develop safe solutions that are strong in implementation.

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